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SHBA is a Chicago based real estate investor. We buy single family houses & multi-unit residential buildings all over Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. SHBA pays cash and doesn’t play the games that some other real estate investors do. We will quote you a price that we feel is fair on both parties and if you are comfortable with our offer we will start the process of closing on your home. Not having to make repairs, avoiding inspections, and contingencies and selling your home fast are the positives that you will experience while working with SHBA.

Here is how our Lease to Own Program works,
Our team will market your property to our data base of tenant buyers through direct email and on our social media platforms, and once a client reaches out to us that is interested in the home our screening company LTS will begin to verify the buyers income,criminal background check, credit report, employment verification (current & previous), landlord history (current & previous),compare all addresses to the credit report, application, and personal profile to ensure that we are choosing the most suitable tenant for your home. After that has been done SHBA will have a consultation meeting with the tenant buyer to get a understanding of their situation and to see if they are a good fit for our program. What we are mainly looking for in a tenant buyer is a person that pays their bills on time and someone who is serious about home ownership. Our screening company has been in business for over 15 years and has personally managed over 600 properties in the past 3 years and has only Had To Evict One Tenant!!! So we are very confident that we have one of the best in the business doing our screening and making sure we have the most qualified and best tenant buyers entering your home.
SHBA will set up a showing with the tenant buyer and if they are satisfied with the home we will then inform the tenant on the lease term of the property, purchase price and the option deposit required to move in to the home. Our option deposits range from 4%-7% depending on the details of the property and the tenant buyers are responsible for paying us this deposit, the seller doesn’t have to pay us a dime. Also in most cases our tenant buyers are responsible for all repairs and maintenance on the home but not to exceed over $500. Before a our tenant buyers move in we like to do a small inspection on the home to make sure everything is in good working condition. We try to make it as easy as possible for our sellers so they don’t have to worry about getting those stressful phone calls in the middle of the night and they don’t have to be typical landlords constantly making repairs and spending money on plumbers and handymen.
We also have one of the best credit repair companies in the country working with us to ensure that our tenant buyers are able to qualify for loans with no hassles, our credit repair company has a proven track record that stretches over the last 20 years with nothing but great results and success for it’s past clients. We also work closely with two mortgage companies and and we have a team of mortgage professionals at both offices who’s only job is to get our tenant buyers pre qualified for loans and work with them hand to hand during the process to ensure the home that the tenant is occupying is able to be purchased with ease.
Our tenant buyers will pay there rent on time every month and in the process they will be working towards getting a mortgage to achieve home ownership of your property. Remember our main priority is to place a tenant in your property that will buy your home at a fair market price and turn that lease into home SOLD!!!
In most cases with the team of experts that we have aligned ourselves with our tenant buyers are able to purchase homes well before the end of the lease term and in some cases in a matter of months. SHBA is confident that our program works and we look forward to working with you in the near future.

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