The neighborhood I was living in was a poverty-stricken area. It was kind of hard because you couldn’t keep anything of value. It was kind of rough, I would come home from work and had to stay inside and just watch TV. I didn’t have anything to do and I didn’t like to go outside. Right here I got a nice yard, always working around the house doing something different…I really enjoy that. I needed somebody to give me a hand and SHBA offered the type of help I needed. I stayed in my apartment until I started getting some positive feedback from SHBA. I enrolled in the program in January and moved here in September. Sheldon

Our landlord was nice. He only raised our rent one time but he was really bad about coming over and fixing things. When the stove was broke we had to eat out a lot and we finally decided it was time. The landlord was in total control. We chose SHBA because of the money we were going to save but when we got into the program and started getting our credit straight we really saw the benefit. Right down the line, one by one, we started clearing our credit.

A lot of things we didn’t even know was there. SHBA really helped me…all we had to do was pay our bills on time. We would encourage anyone and everyone to go through the program. It is not easy…it really has to be something that you want. You just have to be patient and trust in the people who are working for you at SHBA. We recommend SHBA. If you have any problems buying a home call SHBA. SHBA has really been a blessing. Nancy & Drew

We moved around a lot and were at the mercy of landlords. We could not find enough room, had to move from one side of the city to the other, and we finally got tired of it.

Because of our previous credit, we looked for some help and SHBA had the only program that took our credit into account and helped us resolve the issues. Some of the problems were ours, but a lot of it was the credit bureaus listing the same account over and over. We also had some issues with a relative’s credit information showing up. He was guided a lot and shown what had to be done. A lot of the stuff was removed and his final report looks so much better. A lot of the accounts were ours and SHBA helped us resolve them. The SHBA customer service has been very helpful in getting us to the finish line. You have to be committed and have a desire to own your home. A lot of the problems we thought were insurmountable but we kept after it. Charlotte & Dave

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to purchase our first home through your program. The fact that your fee was equivalent to a month’s gross salary, means that we didn’t have to put down a lot of money. That was one of the reasons we were interested in your program. With the money, we saved we were able to purchase the new appliances I needed.

Thanks again SHBA, my son and I love our new home and look forward to spending many happy years there. Dan & Tasha

Our rent was increasing, family growing…we just decided we couldn’t do another apartment. You just don’t get enough for your money when you rent. It was a long process but definitely worth the wait. Home ownership is a wonderful thing. Anything that is worth having is worth working for.

We were actually able to take ownership of the home during the rent to own program but we were determined. There are lots of benefits to owning a home… a home for your kids, a garage for your car, we have parks, walking paths and lots of ponds. Absolutely no better feeling than when they had you over your home and you sign. The only reason it works is that you work together as a family and with SHBA. You need a teammate and that is where SHBA helped out. With SHBA the relationship was personal and they were patient when I had a thousand questions. When it all comes down to it, everything that SHBA said they would do they did. They got their house for a steal compared to what it would cost going to another company. Lisa & Frank

We were looking for a house and we heard about Serious Home Buyers Association from a friend. So we gave them a call. We felt that we had nothing to lose. After talking to an SHBA rep, we enrolled in their program. Within one year we did a lease purchase. To make a long story short, we have a house. Brent & Lucy

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